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GE 45603 Z-Wave Technology Fluorescent Light and Appliance Dimmer Module

GE 45603 Z-Wave Technology Fluorescent Light and Appliance Dimmer Module

Want to turn your table lamp on or off without getting up? GE Z-Wave Fluorescent Light and Appliance Dimmer Module allows you to control an outlet by remote, while still having the second outlet available for easy plugging in and out. Z-Wave is a radio frequency, mesh network technology specifically designed for use in residential lighting control. The open-air, line-of-sight transmission distance is up to 100 feet between devices. Actual performance in your home will depend on the number of walls between the remote controller and the destination device, the type of construction and the number of devices installed in the system. The device’s ability to relay commands and acknowledge receipt of commands makes Z-Wave an ideal solution for automating and controlling lighting systems.

  • Adds remote on/off control to fluorescent floor and table lights or small appliances like fans
  • Space-saving horizontal design plugs into a standard wall receptacle without blocking the second outlet
  • One Z-Wave controlled and one always-on pass-through outlet
  • Start with a room or two and add more over time
  • Easily create your own lighting control system


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